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Well, this will be for anyone seeking help from Saving the Sims to keep their Sims creations available to the community. I may also place some houses I've built here for all of the Sims games.
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Sims 1
Study-Office/1st Year Anniversary Office
Decor/Charity Set 3
Decor/Coffee Tables and Paintings

The Ninth Wave Sims
Sims 2
Bed, lockers (and an absolutely hilarious edited CPR poster)
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Sims community loses:
Posted at The Swarm:
Sims 1 and 2
Recently the Sims Community has received news that 2 of its much loved members have passed away. Please keep the family and friends of Yersinia and Rosylove (6akalaka) in your thoughts and prayers.
Yersinia was a member of the Sims 1 community. Known best for her wonderful stories of her much loved Akaren tribe, she kept us all entertained and in awe with her amazing imagination. Also a MAC computer techie, she helped many players over the years. She was a beloved member of Simblesse Oblige and CTO, and will be greatly missed.
Roseylove, aka 6akalaka was best known by me for her amazing and thorough Updates for the Sims 2 community at The Sims Cave forum. She found sites that most people had never heard of. She also had her own blog at Live Journal.
And both women were greatly admired for their honesty and never being afraid to state their opinions. They brought a ray of sunshine into many people's lives, please keep their memories alive.

Coconut Hut (Saving the Sims)
Sims 1
Birthday Mirror by Jotabomaba

TEST Magazine
Sims 2
Living room, fireplace, wall sculpture, dining room
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Sim Stuff by Aunt B
Sims 1
I have added a set of objects to make a grassy hillside around your house or to make a basement. These are roof sections that set on the ground

Sims 2

Rabiere & Co.
Sims 3
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Sims 1, 2, and 3

Spiffy Sims (Saving the Sims)
Sims 2
SteffieB's walls and floors are up
Buid, Build sets, Object sets, Objects, and Themes (Christmas and Valentine-Romance) from many creators are up
New group for more of SteffieB's items (will have Object sets Bathrooms, Bedrroms, and more)

Fresh Prince Creations
Sims 3
Hey guys! For today the classic 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 is now available to download for the Sims 3!
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Sims 1,2, and 3
Try the chat at Leefish for help

Spiffy Sims (Saving the Sims)
Sims 1
New group for SteffieB’s items
Bathrooms and bedrooms so far

Eph’s Den of Many Sims
Sims 1
Rustic sofas (on page 10),1180.150.html


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